Douglas Cohen is a freelance editor, an anthologist, and an author. For six and a half years he worked for Realms of Fantasy , a full-sized bimonthly color magazine with national circulation. He started working there in the fiction department as an assistant editor. Over time, he assumed additional duties in art, nonfiction, and managing editorial, earning himself a promotion to the title of editor. During his tenure with the magazine, Douglas developed a reputation for discovering new talent, as he pulled over thirty stories from the slush piles that would see publication, including pieces that earned award nominations and helped lead to book deals.

While overseeing the art department, he also published a number of illustrations that appeared in the prestigious Spectrum Art series, including one piece that won the Silver Award in Editorial. In the magazine's seventeenth and final year, they published their 100th issue, won a Nebula Award, and were nominated for a second one.

In early 2013, Douglas edited his first anthology, Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond , published by 47North, the science fiction/fantasy publishing imprint of He's currently working on other anthology projects and is now offering his editorial services in a freelance capacity with the launch of Douglas Cohen Editorial.

Douglas is also a writer, and his stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Space and Time Magazine, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Interzone, and Weird Tales. Additionally, his nonfiction has appeared in and's book blog Omnivoracious. He's currently working on the latest draft of his first novel. See his bibliography for more information about his writing.

Douglas was born and raised in New York and hopes to live in this area forever.


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