Below you'll find testimonials from clients of Douglas Cohen Editorial, as well as authors and editors I worked with while editing short fiction:

John Joseph Adams

Award-nominated editor and bestselling anthologist

"I've known Douglas Cohen for many years, and have had the opportunity to work with him editorially on a number of occasions. As a colleague, I always found his thoughts about genre to be astute and interesting, and as an editorial collaborator I've found his developmental editorial eye to be both keen and insightful. The stories I've seen him work on are undoubtedly better because of his input and working with him is a privilege and a pleasure."


Maarten Broekman

Client of Douglas Cohen Editorial

"As an aspiring writer, I was apprehensive about using a professional editor. After a brief set of emails, I was sure that whatever the editorial letter contained, it would be worthwhile. Upon receiving the letter, I was a nervous wreck, but after reading it through, I knew it was a goldmine.  Not only did Douglas point out the many flaws in my current draft, but he highlighted multiple ways to improve it. I am thrilled at the guidance that Douglas provided and am looking forward to rewriting my manuscript.  I hope to use Douglas again when I've completed the rewrite as well as for other work that I do."


Scott William Carter

Author of The Last Great Getaway of the Water Balloon Boys and Wooden Bones

"Douglas Cohen is a true professional in every sense of the word.  He is thorough, thoughtful, timely, and an all-around great person to work with.  If you're looking for a good editorial partner on your next project, I highly recommend him."


Zach Chapman

Client of Douglas Cohen Editorial

"At first I was apprehensive with investing money on an editor. I’ve been burned in the past making similar investments that lead to poor outcomes. After a few back and forth emails it was clear to me that Douglas was professional and flexible, so I invested in the developmental edit for my story. Douglas’s editorial letter was full of exactly what I was looking for: creative and logical solutions to the issues with my story. It was also clear to me that Douglas has a very critical eye and went the extra mile in making the edits for me. I really could not be happier with the direction my story is heading and I will be looking to hire Douglas if he is available for my future projects."  


Aliette de Bodard

Nebula Award-winning author

"Doug Cohen has sharp and useful insight on what makes a story tick, and on how to fix a broken one. The critiques he gave me on my various stories were invaluable, and helped me make quite a few sales."


Christopher Kastensmidt

Nebula Award-nominated author

“Douglas Cohen has been a huge help in every aspect of improving my stories: from tips on structure to avoiding clichés to general editing. There aren't many people in this world who know fantasy and science fiction better than him.”


Warren Lapine

Award-nominated editor and publisher

“In my twenty plus years of working with some of the best known editors in genre publishing I have never worked with anyone who was more organized or dedicated than Douglas Cohen."


Ken Scholes

Author of the Psalms of Isaak series

“Doug Cohen has an excellent ear for story.  He is easy to work with, identifying subtle fixes to enhance the story and communicating those fixes in a thoughtful manner.  I can't imagine a project that wouldn't benefit from his editorial eye.”


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