Welcome to Douglas Cohen Editorial. If you’re a writer—published or otherwise—in search of constructive feedback to take your manuscript to the next level, please keep reading. I offer a variety of editorial services and a strong background in publishing.

I’m Douglas Cohen, an editor with eight years of experience in science fiction and fantasy publishing. During this time, I’ve worked with bestselling and award-winning authors, complete unknowns, and everything in between. I have discovered short stories that led to book deals with major publishers, ones that have been nominated for major awards, and I have a knack for uncovering and working with new literary talents. Now I’m thrilled to be offering my services as a freelance editor and helping even more writers hone their craft and create the best possible stories.

When you hire my services, you’re getting more than an editor though. You’re hiring someone who understands what goes into being a writer. I've rejected countless manuscripts as an editor, but I'm also well acquainted with that rush of inspiration that comes with a new story idea, the highs and lows of writing it, not to mention the slow agony of waiting to hear back from a venue after submitting something I've worked so hard on. I know the despair of having my submission rejected, as well as the exhilaration of landing a sale. When you work with me, I’m bringing experience from both sides of the editorial desk. 



I’m also bringing my passion, because working in science fiction and fantasy is far more than a job for me—it’s something I love. So when you hire my expertise, I’ll bring this passion to your work and treat it like my own as we craft your vision into its best possible form. So please take a look around and get to know me a little better. If you like what you read or want to know more, drop me an email . Let’s talk about what I can do to take your story to the next level.

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